Surrogacy FAQs

Below are listed the most frequently asked questions by women who are interested in participating in our program as a Surrogate.

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Do you use my eggs for the pregnancy?

CCI does not do traditional surrogacy so you do not use your own DNA.

Will I have any part in choosing my couple?

Yes. At CCI, we have the surrogate very involved in choosing the right couple for herself.

Do I meet my couple before getting started?

Yes. Every surrogate and her couple will meet to confirm that they should move forward.

Do you work with all types of couples?

Yes. At CCI, we work with all types of couples. We do not discriminate against age, ethnic background, marital status, or sexual orientation.

Does CCI work with Out of State and Out of Country Intended Parents

Yes. We work with couples throughout the United States and internationally.

How many embryos are transferred back to the surrogate?

This is discussed and decided on between the Intended Parents, the surrogate and the doctor prior to the transfer.

What is the average compensation for surrogacy to carry one baby?

This will be discussed during your phone screening and personal interview.

Do you get compensated more for twins or triplets


Do you have a phone list of available surrogates that I can speak with?

Yes. We have surrogates available with their consent.

What kind of support does CCI provide?

CCI provides a case manager at the start of your match to help support you throughout the entire pregnancy. You will also have psychologists and monthly surrogate support groups.

How long is the process to be a surrogate?

  • To be matched with a couple 1-3 months.
  • The testing to be a surrogate is 1-3 months.
  • The cycle of the embryo transfer is 3-4 weeks.
  • Pregnancy is 9 months.

What is poor response?

Normally- poor response is under four follicles.

Can a donor not produce enough eggs in a stimulated cycle?

Yes, if the doctor cancels the cycle for poor response the donor will be compensated between $650.00-750.00.

If you aspirate 15 eggs will I reach menopause early?

NO, you develop many follicles each month, 1-2 of these follicles make it to maturity and ovulate. The medication stimulates the other follicles to grow and mature.

How many eggs are removed during the retrieval?

The average is 10-15 eggs aspirated per cycle, but donors can produce 16 or more eggs.

How do I administer the required injections?

Always consult with your medical provider first. Freedom MedTEACH provides educational videos that demonstrate how to administer most fertility medication.

What medications are used to develop the eggs?

There are several medications that can be used to manipulate and stimulate your ovaries. These medications and some of their side effects are listed in the intended parent, donor, and surrogate pages on this website.

How many eggs is it normal for a woman to have?

You are born with approximately 2 million eggs. By the time you reach puberty you have approximately 200,000 eggs remaining.