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4 Common Questions About Egg Donation

Receive Answers to Your Egg Donor Questions

When looking to become an Egg Donor, you likely have several questions. Creative Conception, Inc. is here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions to help guide you along your journey as an Egg Donor. Continue reading to learn more, or contact our team today for additional information!

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How Long Does It Take Me to Get Matched?

Once you have successfully gone through our application and intake process, you will be added to our database. From there, our Intended Parents will search through the database to find the Egg Donor they feel is the best fit for their family. Since it is up to the Intended Parents to choose their Egg Donor, the time period of when you will be matched can vary.

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What Is the Timeline From Start to Finish?

Once matched, the medication cycle only takes around three weeks, but the entire process could take six to eight weeks of your time after the initial screening. Our initial screening process at Creative Conception, Inc. normally takes around three to four weeks to complete.

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Will Donating Affect Starting My Future Family?

Studies have shown that donating your eggs does not affect your ability to start your own family in the future. The medication used within the Egg Donation process simply stimulates the follicles that are developed within your cycle for that month to help them grow and mature — meaning the number of eggs produced and retrieved is not abnormal.

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Will I Meet the Intended Parents?

Most times, the Egg Donor and Intended Parents do not meet face to face. However, with your information added into our Creative Conception, Inc. database, the Intended Parents will be able to review it, and will have chosen you as the one that best fits the needs of their family.

Are you interested in becoming an Egg Donor? Our team at Creative Conception, Inc. would love to connect with you, and help you navigate the process. Contact us today with any additional questions!

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