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How Does the Matching Process Work?

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Surrogacy is an experience that brings fulfillment to both the intended parents and the gestational carriers. The surrogacy matching process considers the preferences, characteristics, and compatibility of the intended parents and the gestational carrier, and it requires lots of effort and commitment from both parties. Read on to learn more about the matching process, and contact Creative Conception to speak with an expert about surrogacy.

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Profile Fit

After consulting with the surrogacy agency and developing your profile as a prospective parent, your agency will introduce you to surrogate profiles that could be a great fit. The agency will take into account things like COVID vaccine status, geography, your communication preferences, and the preferences of both parties when it comes to attending the birth. The surrogate will also be introduced to your profile and have a chance to ask their agency representative questions about your prospective parentho

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Contact Information and Communication Guidelines

Once both parties agree that their profiles are a potential match, the agency will open up the lines of communication for them. The first conversation will take place over the phone and give the surrogate and potential parents the opportunity to assess each other's personalities and discuss their expectations for the surrogacy, should the process proceed. If the phone call goes well, the agency will schedule a Zoom video call where the parties can begin to build a relationship

A surrogate and a potential mother sitting down and discussing their parenting prospects.

Match Meetings

After the parties have established an assured, positive relationship and agreed to move forward, the agency will schedule a match meeting. This meeting will take place either in person or via Zoom video call, and be led by an expert from the agency. During this meeting, the surrogate agency representative will go over the details of the legal contract and walk both parties through the process and the expectations moving forward. If both parties are still in agreement, their attorneys will meet to negotiate and finalize the contract.

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Medical Clearance

Once a perfect match is found, the last step before fertilization is assessing the medical fitness of the surrogacy candidate. This is done by the intended parent’s reproductive physician. Following a successful medical screening, the surrogate is cleared for fertilization and the journey of pregnancy to term can begin!

If you are considering parenthood via surrogacy or you intend to be the gestational carrier, you need an experienced and compassionate surrogacy agency to ensure things go smoothly. An extensive, time-tested matching process can help ensure a satisfying and successful experience for both the surrogate and the intended parents.