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Prepare to Become A Surrogate

Becoming a Surrogate is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. After all, you will give life to a child and help others make their dreams of parenthood come true. That said, there are several things to think about before you make the life-changing decision to become a Surrogate.. Creative Conception, Inc is a Surrogate agency that can help. Keep reading for tips on how to prepare to become a Surrogate, and contact us to learn more today.

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Educate Yourself

To start with, you'll want to learn as much as you can about Surrogacy. In the internet age, this has become very easy. You'll also want to research Surrogate agencies to find out how Surrogacy works and you'll want to learn what the requirements are to be a Surrogate. When possible, reach out to previous Surrogates to learn about their journeys.

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Self-Care and Self-Love

When you become a Surrogate, you lend your body to grow a baby that ultimately you will give away to a loving family. No doubt you will face a myriad of emotions throughout the entire process so it's important to invest in self-care and self-love. Keep up with your friends and family, and continue doing the things you love.

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Have a Great Support Team

The best Surrogate agencies support you every step of the way. They understand what a gift you are giving to others and they want to ensure you are happy and healthy, not just for the intended family, but personally, as well. When searching for the best Surrogate agencies, speak to other Surrogates who have used them to learn about their experiences. Call us to get started today.

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Prepare for the Fourth Trimester

If you decide to become a Surrogate, the fourth trimester could be the most difficult. Here, you might experience the feelings of loss when you hand the baby over to your Intended Parents. Our Surrogacy agency is here to help and support you during this time and always. We offer five support sessions postpartum to help you navigate your mixed emotions and recover physically, as well.


Surrogacy is an amazing gift you can give to others. By carrying a child for those who wouldn’t otherwise have children, you will be making dreams of parenthood come true and giving a child life. You also will be blessed by the process. If you have questions, our Surrogate agency is here to help. Contact us at any time to learn more and/or ask questions.

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