What is the Process for Donating Eggs?

What is the Process for Donating Eggs?

Egg donation is a procedure that involves a fertile woman donating her eggs, or oocyte, to other women who have struggled with infertility. This whole process is called ART — assisted reproductive technology.

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Medical Tests

Egg donors and surrogates must meet certain agency requirements and undergo different medical and physical tests to make sure they are mentally and physically strong enough to donate and carry a child. Surrogate and egg donors get most of these done at their prospective parent(s)' IVF Clinic.


Ovulation Of Multiple Eggs

Women normally produce only one egg a month. However, with the help of hormone injections, egg donors can create a larger number of eggs. Once the eggs are mature, the fertility doctor starts the next step in the process.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

The egg donor is then put under sedation, and the doctor removes the eggs from the follicle. The lab then fertilizes the eggs with the sperm. This process is called in vitro fertilization (IVF).


Transferring of Fertilized Egg

The fertilized egg is then transferred to the surrogate uterus. If successful, the embryo will attach to the uterine lining and become a healthy baby.

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