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Why Women Consider Becoming Surrogates

Carrying and delivering a child for a couple who are not in a position to do it themselves is nothing less than a noble act. It’s a huge decision for anyone who wants to become a surrogate, and every surrogate has their own motivations for taking part in the process. Working with a surrogate agency is the safest and most effective way for women who want to become surrogates to connect with individuals who cannot have children themselves. There are many reasons why women might want to become surrogates, and while all of them are deeply personal, there are four common motivations. Read on to learn more, and contact Creative Conception to begin your journey into surrogacy.


Help Another Family

One of the most common reasons why women consider being surrogates is to help another family become parents. Sometimes this is a family member or close friend who is struggling with infertility or miscarriages, but it is often a complete stranger who wants to experience the joy of parenthood. Usually, these women who become surrogates are deeply touched by these situations and simply want to help someone in their time of need. Surrogate agencies like Creative Conceptions help arrange and coordinate the entire process.


Giving Your Life New Meaning

While the journey is far from easy, being a surrogate mother is incredibly rewarding. Many women are drawn to surrogacy because it gives their lives a deeper and more profound meaning. It’s hard to put this sense of fulfillment into words because it is deeply personal and specific to each woman, but bringing new life into this world provides surrogates with a feeling of purpose that can’t be experienced any other way.


Strong Community

Some women have witnessed the surrogacy journey within their own families or communities. They have seen the beauty of the process first-hand, and resonated with the joy that it brings for everyone involved. This can be enough to spark their interest in surrogate motherhood. Surrogate agencies also organize surrogate journey groups, where women can connect with a tight-knit community of surrogate mothers, advocates, and agency professionals who can provide encouragement, understanding, and support. If you’re considering surrogacy and want to connect with like-minded individuals, contact Creative Conception today!



Becoming a surrogate mother is a selfless and invaluable act that improves the lives of the individuals who want to start a family. That being said, it is extremely physically and emotionally demanding for the surrogate. While every case is different, surrogate mothers are entitled to financial compensation. This compensation is usually determined by the surrogate's experience (how many times they have been a surrogate), geographical location, and other aspects that are particular to their surrogate journey. This compensation can help surrogate mothers pay for college, make important purchases, invest in their future, and achieve financial stability.

Are you considering becoming a surrogate? Get in touch with Creative Conception to speak with an expert about your options.