Surrogate Journey Steps


  • Fill out CCI Contact Information
  • Schedule Initial Consultation by Call or Zoom

** Definitions: Intended Parent (IP); Gestational Carrier or Surrogate (GC); Creative Conception, Inc (CCI); Embryo transfer (ET) or Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

2) PRE-MATCH PROCESS (~1-2 weeks)

  • IP’s Create Profile
  • This profile will be shared with a potential surrogate match (no confidential information will be disclosed)
  • Sign initial consents & pay coordination fee
  • This shows IP’s commitment to start the matching process Background checks done on all parties

3) MATCH WITH SURROGATE (4-8 months)

  • Send GC profiles to IP’s for review

  • Send IP’s profile to GC for her review

  • If profiles are accepted by each party, CCI sends GC’s medical records to IVF center for medical records paper approval oIf not accepted by both parties, wait for another GC profile

  • If IVF doctor gives paper approval, CCI opens communication between the IP’s & GC via email, Zoom & phone call (1-2 weeks)

If both parties want to move forward:

  1. CCI facilitates Match Meeting with IP’s & GC/Partner, via Zoom or in person, to further get to know each other and to go over Key Expectation Questions
  2. Both parties receive a copy of the Key Expectation Questions prior to the meeting
  3. Match confirmed, if not, process begins again
  4. If all parties agree it’s a great match, CCI’s schedules:
  • Psychological Assessment of GC/Partner/Husband (in some instances this step will already be completed)

  • GC medical clearance appointment at IP’s IVF Clinic GC travels to IP’s IVF clinic for in-person appointment Medical screening blood work, and Uterine evaluation will be completed

    5. If GC does not pass the medical screening, CCI finds IP’s another surrogate with no additional fee


  • If insurance needs to be obtained for the GC - CCI will start the process

  • IP’s make sure to check with GC’s delivering hospital to make sure IP’s insurance is in- network for the baby

  • First funding to trust is needed, $19,500

5) LEGAL CONTRACTS (2-4 weeks)

  • IP’s and GC choose separate attorneys (CCI provides list if needed)

  • The legal contract will have the Financial breakdown IP’s signed with CCI, and the signed Key Expectation document discussed at the Match Meeting

  • IP’s receive drafted contract and set up a review with their attorney

  • IP’s make any adjustments at this time IP’s attorney sends contract to GC’s attorney

  • GC makes any adjustments at this time Once the contract is finalized and signed by both parties:

  • A Legal clearance letter is sent to IP’s IVF clinic

  • This gives IP’s clinic the green light to write a protocol calendar for the surrogate to start the transfer cycle

  • ADI- Accidental Death Insurance policy will be obtained for GC

  • The second funding to trust is now due, $85,000-$95,000; this amount will be customized to IP’s surrogate


  • Protocol calendar will be given to the GC and to CCI

  • CCI follows GC through the medications to transfer GC travels to IVF clinic for the transfer

  • If the IVF clinic allows, and all parties agree, the IP’s can be in the room for the transfer. If not, it can be recorded. Pregnancy test (BHCG) is 10-12 days after the transfer

  • When the BHCG is positive, the test will be repeated in 2-4 days to be sure the levels are going up

  • First vaginal ultrasound is 4 weeks from the date of the transfer. At this time, IP’s can see the fetal heartbeat of the baby


  • Surrogate is released to her local OB/GYN 10-11 weeks after the transfer for her continued OB care

  • Surrogate attends monthly appointments until week 28 • She attends bi-weekly appointments from 29-35 weeks

  • She will attend weekly appointments from 36-40 weeks o Key milestone appointments:

  • 1st Fetal Heartbeat, 7 weeks; 2nd Fetal Heartbeat, 9 weeks

  • Ultrasound at 12-14 weeks

  • Anatomy ultrasound at 18-20 weeks

  • Surrogate will update IP’s & CCI after each appointment

  • CCI reviews Birth Plan with Intended Parents and GC

  • At 20 weeks, the judgement for parental establishment is started by your attorney (will occur earlier if multiples)

  • At 20 weeks the Surrogate pre-registers at delivery hospital

  • IP’s provide delivery hospital with baby’s insurance information

Delivery - Celebration Time!

  • Be prepared; every labor and delivery is different. Labor can last a couple of hours to a few days


  • If you and your surrogate have established that you’d like to stay in touch, your next chapter begins now

Pumping: Varies 0-16 Weeks

  • *Optional* - this will have been established in contract
  • Supplies and shipping need to be set up
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