Being an egg donor is not easy, but it is immensely rewarding.

Paige (Los Angeles, CA)

As it happens with many potential donors, I answered an ad placed by a couple looking for the right match. They became my match. And as luck would have it, the couple was working with Kellie Snell, owner of Creative Conception, Inc. I began my screening process with CCI and had the opportunity to interact with both Kellie and her assistant Lisa. Over the months it took us to go from start to finish (a diverse group of people to a successful pregnancy!), Kellie and

Lisa answered countless questions for me, represented me, supported me, were patient with me…In short, they were good to me.

I have been a donor twice before through a different agency. The difference between CCI and the others I have been exposed to is a warmth for which I am

appreciative. Kellie has been a donor herself. She knew firsthand what I was experiencing. Their office environment is personable and friendly. I never felt like I was working with a bureaucracy; I always felt I was working with friends.

I am now at the age limit for donors, so I am no longer eligible to donate. If I were, though, without a doubt I would choose Creative Conception, Inc. I trust both Kellie and Lisa. I like them. I believe they kept my needs a priority throughout our working together. In this process the simple factors of trusting and liking those with whom one works with makes all the difference in the world. Being an egg donor is not easy, but it is immensely rewarding. My recipient couple is pregnant now, and CCI helped bring about that pregnancy.