I decided to do this again.


Hi! My name is Ruthanna. I recently delivered a baby on the 13th of March. He was a 9lb. 12oz. boy! I gave birth to him for a couple that had tried for 12 years with no success. I was their only alternative. Kellie Snell had been working with them throughout most of their years of trying so she knew them very well.

She felt she needed to find the perfect person to match them, and that is where I came in. I met my couple over a great dinner and we talked for awhile. At first sight of them, I knew I had found my match! I tried to give Kellie my answer before I left the restaurant but she asked me to think about it overnight. I already knew, though, that they were the couple for me!

We went through IVF with great success. We were pregnant on the first try. Everyone was so excited! The dream that seemed so out of reach was now only 9 months away.

The reason I decided to do this great act of kindness was because of a movie I saw when I was 20 years old. The movie was about surrogacy. I guess it touched my heart inso many ways. I decided that after I got married and had children of my own, I would help someone get their family. When I turned 24 years old, I did some research and it lead me to Kellie Snell. She handled my case herself and I felt very special! In dealing with her associates, I found a group that were more like family instead of business associates. They were always happy to hear from me; even if I called 3 or 4 times a day.

During this whole experience, I decided to do this again. I will meet my couple soon and I can’t wait to help make another wonderful dream come true! With Kellie and

Creative Conception, Inc. I’m sure I will!