The joy I was able to help bring to a family is indescribable.


To those considering being a surrogate and those looking for a surrogate:

Creative Conceptions is an amazing organization with the best staff you could ever hope to work with in this journey. Kristy and Kellie go above and beyond for their surrogates and help ensure a good bond forms between the surrogate and the intended parents. I have had the best experience working with them. I loved sharing with them all the information from each doctors visit and when talking with them on the phone or in person it is more like talking with a friend than an organization.

We started the process a little over a year ago and this past July I delivered a beautiful 9 lb 6 oz baby boy to one of the most amazing and deserving couples I have met. We all are still in contact. I get updates on the baby and send them weekly breast milk shipments. We all have grown quite close. This experience is the most rewarding one I’ve ever had. Well, next to having my own two boys that is. The joy I was able to help bring to a family is indescribable. Being a surrogate has filled me with such love and happiness as well. Yes there were times when it wasn’t the funnest (injections and heartburn) but I wouldn’t change any if it.

Thank you Kristy and Kellie for giving me an opportunity to give this perfect gift to a wonderful couple. You both are angels and absolutely amazing. Good luck to all you prospective surrogates and couples!