Below are some notes from some of the people we have been able to help and notes from the generous women who help us help others! Click the following links to read the notes from our Recipients, Egg Donors, and Surrogate Mothers.

Notes from Recipients

June 2020

You are so incredible and again we are so grateful to have you in our lives. Thank you for finding our surrogate and for your guidance and love along the way.

June 2020

Hi Kellie & Amy,
Thank you so for the baby gift. Kirby wears the hat a ton and is always cuddled up in that cool blanket! Thank you for helping us make her!! She is wonderful, Love you guys so much! So Grateful. There really aren’t enough words to describe how happy we are.
Thank you C&S

June 2020

Dear Kellie Amy & Amber,
Thank you so much for the lovely hand made blanket and cap. We can’t wait to use them when the baby arrives! Thank you also for all of your care and assistance in helping us create our family. We are anxiously awaiting the July arrival. T&E

May 2019

Hi… my name is Claudia, and I’m infertile. Yes, this is an awkward way to introduce myself, but I figure we cut through the niceties and get right to it. My partner and I met when we were 39, and at 40 we realized if we were going to have kids we best get on the train and get going. So… we tried, and we tried, and we tried—for three years. Not a super long time, but those years were jammed packed—full of heartache and sadness. Let’s see, we endured 6 miscarriages, and the loss of 7 babies… one of my pregnancies was twins. The day I lost them was the worst day of my life. We did everything… the natural method, IUI, IVF… all of it. I felt like a pin cushion with all the shots I had to take, and at times and didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. So after some serious soul searching, we decided to stop using me as the means to bring a baby into this world and we began our search for someone else to carry our baby.
There isn’t a guidebook to using a surrogate; however, the process was made easier when we found Creative Conceptions. The idea of someone else carrying my child was unwelcome to me at first. I felt like a failure, but through the love and support from my partner, therapist, doctors, and this agency, I realized that the women who do this for those who can’t are true heroes… they are amazing! We were matched with an incredible angel surrogate who took the absolute best care of herself and our baby. We got weekly baby bump pics and made recordings of our voices reading and singing for the baby to hear through belly headphones. Also, when I got sad and longed to feel my baby growing, I would send our angel a note and ask her to rub her belly and tell it mama was thinking of you and cannot wait to hold you… and she would.
The birth of my baby was the best day of my life! Our angel surrogate gave birth to our beautiful girl, who is now a year old. I am a mom! I am a mom to the most curious, funny, social, and chill kid! This baby and I didn’t take long to bond, and now when she walks over to me and lifts her arms up and wants me to hold her, I feel the most at peace and so full of love. I am so grateful that we chose surrogacy and so grateful to the women who do what I can’t—make a baby. I am also so grateful to Creative Conceptions for making the whole process flow with ease… for staying on top of all the paperwork… so all I had to do was get my nursery ready for that crazy beautiful bundle of love that I get to raise. I am a Mom! I am the Mother! It was a tough road getting here, but soooo sooo worth it.



May 2015

Dear Prospective Parents,

After unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for over 2 years, my husband and I started our search for an egg donor. For me, this was a much more difficult process as we started to look for the “perfect” donor for us. We registered on 8 other websites and after a few months we were getting discouraged on finding a suitable donor for us. When we read the profile of the donor at Creative Conception Inc., we knew she was the one for us. Amber replied to us almost immediately and answered the many questions we had.

We felt such relief to find the donor we wanted and in having Amber walk us through the process. Amber was there for us every step of the way working with our doctor’s office, with us and with the donor. She was always knowledgeable, professional and very experienced. The egg donor/in vitro process is such a stressful one with so much to learn and consider but Amber truly made the experience so pleasant that I know we wouldn’t have gotten through it without her. We are so thankful to Amber, our Donor and the entire team at Creative Conception Inc. All we can say is a heartfelt “Thank You”.
Shelly & John


April 2013

Dear Amber,

My husband and I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for all you have done for us. As you know – I have been on a long journey with trying to get pregnant. After two failed cycles, I felt confused, angry, scared, financially strapped and sad.
I needed guidance – and you provided it for me. You took my situation to heart and truly went above and beyond to help me find the right donor for me this time. You were a straight shooter and weren’t doing this just to earn a buck. You really have a big heart and a strong moral compass that I relied on this cycle.

My donor was amazing, the perfect fit, and youguided me to her.

Creative Conceptions is not just a cookie cutter agency. You really take the time with your clients to do what is best for them.

I can’t thank you enough for helping make thispossible for my husband and me.

I highly recommend Creative Conceptions to anyone who is in need of an egg donor. I used other agencies before and let me tell you – there is NO comparison.


Happy Intended Parents!!


March 2012

After a year of marriage, we decided it was finally time to get pregnant. I did not think it was going to be a big deal. And, in the beginning, it wasn’t. In fact, we got pregnant the very first time we tried. And, the pregnancy went well. That is, until we received the very bad news that would change our lives forever. A rare complication had occurred due to the amniocentesis and our baby boy passed away. I was 24 weeks pregnant.

We took the time we needed to grieve our loss. And, after a year, even though our grief had not completely gone away we decided to try again. However, getting pregnant a second time was not so easy. My previous pregnancy had caused an auto-immune issue that was not only affecting my personal health, but also my ability to get pregnant. It was a very frustrating time for us and after trying on our own for over a year, we decided we needed help.

We researched all of the fertility agencies in the Bay Area and we decided that PFC would be the perfect choice for us. We were impressed by their knowledgeable staff and we felt confident that they would be able to help us. Our plan was to try IVF. However, I was concerned that my body would betray me once again. And, to be perfectly honest, I was terrified of being pregnant for a second time. And, if that was not enough, my personal doctors told me that not only was it highly likely that my auto-immune issues could get worse during another pregnancy, but also that my immune system would pass an antibody to my baby that could cause a heart defect. This information was just too much for one person to handle. So, after a few “heated” discussions with my husband and several hours of therapy sessions, we decided that surrogacy would be the best option for us. Now, if you would have told me 4 years ago that we would have a surrogate carry our baby, I would have thought that you were crazy. I am not the type of person to let a stranger drive my car, much less carry my baby for me. Just shows you how much things can change depending upon your circumstances. The fact of the matter was that I knew in my heart of hearts, a “stranger’s” body was more healthy than my own to carry our baby. Once we accepted this, the decision became an easy one for us.

We were fortunate enough to have the PFC staff support us in our decision. While I went through my first egg retrieval to make sure I had embryos for a surrogate, we also interviewed surrogacy agencies that PFC recommended to us. We decided to work with Creative Conception, Inc. and we are so glad we did! We met a wonderful surrogate and her husband that were a perfect match for us. She was a mom with three daughters and was dedicated to putting her life on hold to help us become parents.

We completed all of the personal and legal paperwork as well as all of the medical and psychological evaluations provided by PFC. After a few months, we were ready to start our first transfer from my frozen embryos. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful with the embryo transfer. We were just devastated. My husband and I had suffered so much loss prior to this unsuccessful transfer that we were heartbroken with more bad news. But, we knew one thing for certain. We wanted to have our family so we tried again. This time, we decided that I would have a fresh retrieval. The embryo transfer was successful. Our surrogate was pregnant…with twins!

We attended all of our surrogate’s doctor’s visits. And, my surrogate and I kept in touch on a daily basis during the pregnancy through email, texting and occasional phone calls. I was pretty used to using email, but I had never been much for texting. When I quickly realized that the majority of our conversations were occurring by text, I decided that I had better learn how to text (and learn how to text quickly).While I was at it, I made sure to upgrade to an unlimited texting plan.

Now, I don’t want it to seem like our relationship was all sunshine & rainbows. Like any relationship, it had its ups & downs . However, this one was very different than any other relationship that either one of us had before. We had to learn how to effectively communicate with each other and most importantly, learn how to trust each other. We were both fortunate to have family members support us in our journey. However, for my husband and I, there were several times when we had to limit our conversations with family & friends. A few did not seem to completely understand what we were going through. And, even our strongest supporters occasionally said the stupidest thing to us. So, during this process, my husband & I did our best to surround ourselves with supportive people, take good care of ourselves and of one another. For myself, I found great support with therapy. Additionally, I was able to connect with other intended parents through our surrogacy agency. To this day, I am still friends with many of these amazing parents.

My surrogate took such great care of herself that she carried our babies all the way to 38 weeks. At this point in time, the doctor decided that we should induce. It was a very exciting time for all of us. And, on March 4th, 2011 she delivered our baby girl Alison. Five minutes later, our baby boy Jack arrived. We were finally parents!

Now, a year has passed and we have enjoyed every single sleepless moment of parenthood. We just celebrated our babies’ 1st birthday. And, I’m happy to say that my surrogate and her family attended our party, just like we have attended their kids’ birthday parties over this past year. I’m not sure if everyone stays in touch with their surrogate. It’s probably different for everyone. As for my surrogate, I cannot imagine my life without her. I am forever grateful for what she has done for us. And, this “stranger” is and will always be a very important part of our lives. She can drive my car anytime she wants!

Thankful for Creative Conception, Inc.


Fall 2010

Dear Prospective Parents,

We strongly recommend the egg donation process and with working Creative Conceptions Inc. The entire staff guides you through the process from beginning to end.
They truly care about you, your future children and the donor.

We are currently nine weeks pregnant from our first egg donor cycle and thrilled. Previously, we had two natural pregnancies that ended in miscarriage.

We looked at multiple agencies and found the quality of their donors and their attention to detail far and away the best agency that we reviewed. Our donor
that we found at Creative Conceptions Inc was truly special and a perfect fit for our family. All the donors are very well screened and a wonderful group of young
women which can make the final decision tough. It is vital to work with an agency that has the experience and integrity that Creative Conceptions represents.

CCI sent us a keepsake book and CD with pictures of our donor and her information. This will come in handy later on when we explain to our child what a true gift
from God they are. Also, I had sent our pictures in and they put them all together in the book which was very special.

Wishing you and your family the best during this challenging journey to creating your family. God has a plan and with your doctor’s help your dreams might just come true.

Two Potential Parents with Baby on Board


02 May 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

You are embarking on a journey that can be the most rewarding experience of your life. In all likelihood, it is not something you planned and you are approaching it with at least some trepidation.
But, the fact that you have gotten this far means that you have hope, and that is the strongest emotion you will have to tap into repeatedly throughout this process. It is the promise of something great
that will allow you to overcome the trepidation until you realize your family.

The fact that you are reading this now means that you are considering moving forward with Creative Conceptions. Know this: We are not people who write letters extolling the virtues of someone or
something without substantial justification. In this instance, we are compelled to write. The undeniable reality is that we would not have been able to have a family without Creative Conceptions.
And, we would not have been able to handle the journey without Creative Conceptions
-at times, equally important along the way. We have been fortunate enough to have two children because a surrogate donated her time, effort, energy, commitment and body to our cause.
We have been fortunate enough to have two children and come away from both experiences positively, with deep gratitude and appreciation, and with remarkably smooth processes in both instances because of
Creative Conceptions and Kellie Snell.

This is not easy. Kellie knows that and will treat your needs with respect and compassion. There are details here that you have not imagined. Kellie has, and they will be taken care of quickly and with the
attention they deserve. The real value of Creative Conceptions, the team there, and in particular, Kellie Snell, is that she has walked the walk enough times to have it mastered, but always makes you feel
as though you are the only one in her universe. You will need that and she will deliver.

You have the hope of something great. Creative Conceptions has the experience, dedication and personnel to help you realize something great. We know firsthand and thank God everyday for that.

Philip B. & Family


26 March 2000

Dear Lisa & Kelly,

What a pleasure it was to work with you! We have had some ‘less than perfect’ experiences with other agencies in the past, and we wanted to tell you
that dealing with Creative Conception has been wonderful. You guys deliver what other agencies only promise.

We were at our wits end at finding a donor agency we felt comfortable with and that didn’t make it difficult for out-of-country couples when we spoke
with another couple that highly recommended your agency. Are we ever glad that we took their suggestion and called.

Since we live in Europe, and travel to California for the DE procedure, we expected many logistical and communication difficulties. However, you were
both so flexible with your time, communicated regularly (thank you email) and smoothed out every bump in the road that we soon realized that our worries were unfounded.

Also, Christy was a dream! She was informed and completely committed to the whole process. We never felt worried that she was unsure of the protocol.
We were confident that she was clear on all of her responsibilities and that she wasn’t ambivalent about her commitment. The combination of your seminars, screening
process and personal touch is right on target for the selection of wonderful woman who have the most generous hearts imaginable.

We will most definitely recommend Creative Conception to other couples. We can’t say thank you enough.


Dian & Peter


February 18, 1997

Dear Kellie,

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for the assistance given to us by you and Creative Conception during our recent egg/in vitro
fertilization experience. Throughout the process we found you to be very responsive and accommodating to our needs and concerns. Your professionalism in
dealing with Dr. Diaz and caring attitude towards all parties involved gave us a piece of mind, and confidence in your service and abilities.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work in helping others realize their dreams.

Robert M. Patti L.

Notes from Creative Conception’s Donors

August 2018

Hi, I’m Samantha, a five-time egg donor form Irvine, California. In my early twenties, I was away at school working several jobs to pay for my private education and balancing a busy social life. Finding interesting ways to make extra cash was always something on my mind in college because I valued the pursuit of education for personal and intellectual enhancement.

During the holiday break of 2008, I traveled home to spend Christmas with my family. My mother was telling me a story over dinner about a friend of hers who had been struggling to conceive a child with her husband for about a year now. She went on to tell me about the extensive testing they have done along with failed IVF treatments for her own eggs. I remember feeling so horrible for her, having come from a large family myself, I couldn’t image wanting a child and not being able to have one after so much effort. My mother told me her friend was going to try and use an egg donor after the holidays. I had never heard of egg donation before and I was interested in how that would work out for our family friends.

After I returned to school I began to look into the idea of egg donation. I was shocked to see the monetary reward for donating eggs and I started to think, “how wonderful would it be to be the person that helps someone have a family and use the money to pay for my education?” I knew I wanted to sign up and under go the screening process to see if I qualify. After a few months I found an agency and I cleared the first round of screening. I was quickly matched with a family looking for someone with my genetics and educational background and I was then off to the Doctor for my first medical exam.

I had never had an ultrasound before. Why would I? As a women in my early twenties who has never been pregnant or had fertility problems, there would be no need for me to have an ultra sound prior to pregnancy, except for the fact that I was in the egg donation process.

I laid there with my feet in the stirrups — hoping everything would look great. The physician quickly got to each ovary and counted 28 follicles and was very excited with my numbers. I completed the rest of my blood tests, PAP and STD screenings and I was on my way.

About a week later I received a call from the Dr who informed me that I had severe dysplasia on the right side of my cervix, which didn’t prevent me from being an egg donor but he recommended that I see my Primary Care Physician to follow up regarding information. I had no idea what dysphasia was or if it was a big deal, but after visiting my personal Doctor I was informed it was the start of something that could turn into cervical cancer if not removed. I was horrified. I had no history of cervical cancer in my family and I had just had my yearly exam a month before going to my egg donation exam. It became clear that the doctors at my regular office “missed” this while performing my exam. This type of dysplasia could have spread upward into my abdomen and eventually could have rendered me unable to have children. I quickly had the cells removed and since then I have had no abnormal cells return. So why is this important?

If I hadn’t gone through the process of egg donation I might have not found out about my own issue. So for that I am extremely thankful. It’s interesting how things turn out and I went on to donate a total of five more times after this. To this day I am an advocate for egg donation and the positive impact it can have on families and the egg donors themselves. Egg donation changed my life and I am certain my gifts have changed the lives of several families.




August 2015

I recently became a donor with Creative Conception and have to admit, it was the most rewarding experience.
Me being a first time donor, meant my questions were endless. Amber, my coordinator, made this process, so smooth and stress free, I really don’t think I could have done it with out her. She was there to answer every question, and really make this process personable and special. She was continuously in contact with me, keeping me up to date with appointments, informing me of what to expect and most importantly there for support.
I’ve been told how rewarding egg donation is, but no words can describe the feeling until you’re actually a part of it. I am so beyond grateful that CCI made my experience so perfect.


July 2015

Prior to signing with Creative Conceptions, I was a donor for another LA based agency. What a HUGE difference it is to work with such a professional company! Megan and Amber are not only incredibly sweet, they are with you from the start of your cycle until the very end, whenever you need them. I can’t stress enough how helpful they have been with answering any questions I have, making sure I stay as updated as possible throughout my cycle, and going so far out of their way to make sure things go incredibly smoothly. During my last cycle, I ended up staying out of town an additional day for the retrieval. As soon as I told Amber, she immediately rebooked my flight home, made another reservation for the hotel, got me a doctors note for work, and made sure I had per diem to feed myself the extra day. I did not have to worry about a single thing. They truly care about their donors’ wellbeing and have the best interest of their patients at mind the whole time. I feel so blessed to have found and signed with Creative Conceptions and will continue to work with only them.

Donor #3479


April, 2015

Prior to signing with Creative Conception, I was a donor for another LA based agency. What a HUGE difference it is to work with such a professional company! Megan and Amber are not only incredibly sweet, they are with you from the start of your cycle until the very end, whenever you need them. I can’t stress enough how helpful they have been with answering any questions I have, making sure I stay as updated as possible throughout my cycle, and going so far out of their way to make sure things go incredibly smoothly. During my last cycle, I ended up staying out of town an additional day for the retrieval. As soon as I told Amber, she immediately re-booked my flight home, made another reservation for the hotel, got me a doctors note for work, and made sure I had per diem to feed myself the extra day. I did not have to worry about a single thing. They truly care about their donors’ well-being and have the best interest of their patients at mind the whole time. I feel so blessed to have found and signed with Creative Conception and will continue to work with only them.



May 21, 2013

Being an egg donor has been the most rewarding experience! There is no better feeling than to make a real difference in the lives of others. I have worked with other agencies in the past, so when I decided to join Creative Conception, Inc. in their quest to help create families, never did I imagine that this agency would hold such a big place in my heart!

The people of Creative Conception, Inc. that I have worked with are sweet, compassionate, understanding, readily available to help at any time, and overflowing with the joy that they have for their profession. They serve as the middle man, not only between the donor and recipient, but also between the donor and hospital/nurses/doctors. Needless to say, the middle man is one of the most important parts of this process. Every aspect of this company exudes professionalism. They are the sweetest people, who truly take pride in what they do every day. They are affiliated with the best doctors whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ve never felt uncomfortable or needed to question the cycle plan. Each cycle was such a smooth process unlike other agencies I’ve worked with in the past.

As a four time egg donor with Creative Conception, Inc. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t look any further than this agency if you want results with compassion!

4X Donor


I have worked with Creative Conception, Inc. for 3 cycles now, and they all have been truly amazing experiences. My favorite part of being an egg donor is hearing the story of the parents,
and all that they have gone through. Learning that the results have been positive gives you such a wonderful feeling, to have made such a difference in these peoples lives!
To be a part of the process of giving the gift of life is something amazing, something that not everyone gets the opportunity to do. Amber is so great to work with, she is
there every step of the way, making sure every visit goes smoothly and that you are never left in the dark about anything that is going on with the Dr.s and Intended Parents.
Overall the experience of being an egg donor has been a privlidge and a pleasure.

-BF, 5 time donor


Participating as a donor with Creative Conception Inc. has been nothing short of a blessing! My experience working with them has always been extremely smooth and comfortable.
They made it possible for me to give the gift of life. Being involved in something so special is beyond words! Being a donor has been such a gratifying and positive journey for me.
I am so grateful I’ve been able to work with an agency that made it all possible.

Donor 2616 🙂


May 2, 2011

I sat down to write this letter in reflection of this last year and I am overwhelmed at the amazing things I got to be a part of! First off I should tell you a little about me and why I decided to be an egg donor. I am a 25 years old, married and was looking for something that I could do to make a difference in the world. Egg donation was brought to my attention though a close friend and I was amazed at the possibility. Could I really help change others lives with something so many of us take for granted? After thought, prayer and lots of “Googling” my husband and I decided this was something we could do.

Creative Conceptions was introduced into my life and as they say the rest is history. I got the pleasure to work with Amber Snell as my coordinator, someone that on a daily basis was there to answer my crazy questions and deal with my insane hormones haha… I was lucky to be a part of 3 egg donation cycles, to 3 very deserving couples! Everyone that I encountered with Creative Conceptions; Amber Snell, Stephanie Caballero, Sylvia Marnella and everyone of the Nursing staff and Doctors, gave me not only exceptional but compassionate care.

I look back on the last year with so much gratitude, not only did I have an impact on people’s lives they have forever changed mine. Thank You to everyone that helped me through my journey, I will never forget you or this incredible year!!



I just wanted to write a note to thank you for the opportunity to help another family have a family. You have been so patient and understanding with me.
I chose not to talk about this with anyone else so your being there for me has really meant a lot. When I think about people who have chosen to do this
without an agency running interference when there is a question about medications, or whatever, my heart really goes out to them. I really just wanted you
to relay onto people considering this, to really think before choosing an agency that is too busy to handle them personally. I have found that
Creative Conception always made me feel as though I was their only donor. I know that is not true but I always felt like they handled all my questions and
my raging hormones with the etiquette necessary to get me through the moment I was having. Thank you again for all you have done both times to ensure that
my donations went smoothly and painlessly.

~Audrey (Orange County, CA)


As it happens with many potential donors, I answered an ad placed by a couple looking for the right match. They became my match. And as luck would have it,
the couple was working with Kellie Snell, owner of Creative Conception, Inc. I began my screening process with CCI and had the opportunity to interact with
both Kellie and her assistant Lisa. Over the months it took us to go from start to finish (a diverse group of people to a successful pregnancy!), Kellie and
Lisa answered countless questions for me, represented me, supported me, were patient with me…In short, they were good to me.

I have been a donor twice before through a different agency. The difference between CCI and the others I have been exposed to is a warmth for which I am
appreciative. Kellie has been a donor herself. She knew firsthand what I was experiencing. Their office environment is personable and friendly. I never felt
like I was working with a bureaucracy; I always felt I was working with friends.

I am now at the age limit for donors, so I am no longer eligible to donate. If I were, though, without a doubt I would choose Creative Conception, Inc. I trust
both Kellie and Lisa. I like them. I believe they kept my needs a priority throughout our working together. In this process the simple factors of trusting and
liking those with whom one works with makes all the difference in the world. Being an egg donor is not easy, but it is immensely rewarding. My recipient couple
is pregnant now, and CCI helped bring about that pregnancy.

~Paige (Los Angeles, CA)


Dear Prospective Donor, if you are reading this letter, it means you are interested in becoming an ova donor. You probably have many questions about what happens and
how much is involved. I had the same questions when I was a donor. The staff at Creative Conception, Inc. will take the time to answer all of your questions, no matter
how unusual you may think they are. When I was first considering becoming a donor, I called several fertility clinics and asked whom they would recommend as an agency.
Many offices told me that they used Creative Conception. I called for an information packet and received it in the mail. I also called another agency and when I tried to
contact them, my telephone calls were not returned. I called Kellie at Creative Conception and she gave me the names and numbers of the lawyers that she uses for her donors.
Even though, my questions were regarding things that were not in the packet, she was happy to help me get my questions answered.

When you are a donor with Creative Conception, they keep the welfare of the donor very much the priority. From the initial doctors’ visits and counseling, through
the series of injections and excellent follow up after the retrieval. They keep you informed every step of the way as to what will happen and what to expect. And if a problem
does arise, they are there to help you. Creative Conception is in your corner and they are here to protect you as the donor. I am very glad I chose Kellie Snell and her great
staff at Creative Conception, Inc. to be my donor agency.

~Beth (San Diego, CA)


I chose Creative Conception because a friend had told me such positive things about your company….so I decided to call…and when I did I spoke with Kellie who was just
the nicest person I talked to! When I went to the workshop, my husband and I were very pleased with how informative the workshop was. We were told the negatives and the positives
about the donor program and I knew what to expect. When the time came to a decision, my husband and I were happy with Kellie, and the way she presented herself and her agency
that we decided to become a part of that. Since then, I have been happy being a donor with Kellie & Lisa, and plan on staying a donor with Creative Conception. I recommend
Creative Conception to all my friends, so that they can experience the part of giving with an agency that is safe and comfortable!

~Sincerely, Lynda (Orange County)


Notes from Creative Conception’s Surrogates

May 2019

I had the best experience working with CCI! I couldn’t have asked for a better journey being a first time surrogate. I spoke with a few other agencies before deciding on CCI. They were so helpful and I felt like they really cared for and valued me. I have witnessed many people struggle with fertility and felt the pull to help someone achieve their dream of becoming parents. They matched me with the perfect couple and my surrogacy journey has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of my life. They were so supportive through the whole process and made sure everything went smoothly. They were easy to reach if I ever needed anything at all and I would definitely be surrogate again because it was such a positive experience.

September 2015

To those considering being a surrogate and those looking for a surrogate:
Creative Conceptions is an amazing organization with the best staff you could ever hope to work with in this journey. Kristy and Kellie go above and beyond for their surrogates and help ensure a good bond forms between the surrogate and the intended parents. I have had the best experience working with them. I loved sharing with them all the information from each doctors visit and when talking with them on the phone or in person it is more like talking with a friend than an organization.
We started the process a little over a year ago and this past July I delivered a beautiful 9 lb 6 oz baby boy to one of the most amazing and deserving couples I have met. We all are still in contact. I get updates on the baby and send them weekly breast milk shipments. We all have grown quite close. This experience is the most rewarding one I’ve ever had. Well, next to having my own two boys that is. The joy I was able to help bring to a family is indescribable. Being a surrogate has filled me with such love and happiness as well. Yes there were times when it wasn’t the funnest (injections and heartburn) but I wouldn’t change any if it.
Thank you Kristy and Kellie for giving me an opportunity to give this perfect gift to a wonderful couple. You both are angels and absolutely amazing. Good luck to all you prospective surrogates and couples!



March 2015

Dear future parent/s and surrogates,

My name is Claudia and did the most memorable thing last year! After inquiring with different agencies I decided to embark a beautiful journey with Creative Conception or better say with a new family members Kellie, Kristy and Amber, yes a family because that it is exactly how they make you feel a warm and supportive family!. They are there from day one and every step of the process even after the miracle happens.

I was a surrogate for a single international dad who also received all the attention, guidance and support from CCI team. This was a magnificent life changing experience that no one can explain until you actually are part of it. The matching process with him was a great and at the result I was able to deliver a healthy beautiful angel that fulfilled two families with happiness and love.

With love,

Claudia, Delivery 05/22/2014


December 2013

As I sit down to write this testimony, I am finding it hard to put into words how wonderfully awesome my surrogate journey has been and that journey was made possible by Creative Conception Inc. (CCI)

My decision to be a surrogate was not a decision that I or my family took lightly. We were all very committed to helping a couple become a family and from the very moment that I met Kellie and Kristy, they made me feel instantly at ease and their encouraging and nurturing style set them apart from any other agency that I consulted with. That, along with their professionalism and high degree of confidentiality made them the clear choice as the agency for me to sign up with.

The level of care taken by CCI to match me with a perfect couple was outstanding. Both Kellie and Kristy took the time to understand what I and my family were looking for in a couple. Throughout my pregnancy Kellie and Kristy, would check in with me to see how I was doing and would answer any questions I had. They attended appointments with me and were able to provide a very comforting support. I delivered my surrogate baby on October 11th to the most wonderful couple.

The support and guidance that CCI showed to me and my Intended parents (IP’s) throughout this journey was unmatched.

If you are a potential surrogate or a potential couple reading this, I just want to say that, I know you have many choices when selecting an agency, but what sets CCI apart is their experience, their dedication and most importantly their genuine love for what they are doing.

Thank you Creative Conception Inc. for doing what you do…!!

SU – Very happy Surrogate to a beautiful miracle


December 2013

“The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for.”

This is the powerful statement that touched my heart and helped put the idea of surrogacy in my mind. I have been blessed with three beautiful children of my own and have had fairly easy pregnancies and deliveries so why not give the gift of carrying a child to some deserving couple?

I started my journey by searching for an agency. I would not settle for just any agency. I wanted the best: one that would educate me, listen to me but most importantly support me. After speaking with Kellie and Kristy, with Creative Conception, I knew I had found my agency (and I had spoken with many others). All of my questions were answered and all of my concerns were addressed. There was one request I had when starting this process. I wanted 100% reassurance that the couple I would be a surrogate for was deserving. I was adamant that I would not help bring a child into this world for just anyone. The questionnaire for both myself and the intended parents helped Creative Conception find my perfect match. After months of communication between me and the intended parents, I knew in my heart that being a surrogate was what I was meant to do. Yes, I was scared; but after hearing about the years of failed attempts and heartbreak that my intended parents had endured, I had the strength to move forward. Nine months later, I not only successfully helped bring a beautiful baby girl into the loving arms of her parents, I also made lifelong friendships with my intended parents; my therapist, Myriam (a service provided to all surrogates by Creative Conception) and my surrogate support group of wonderful girls (also a service provided by Creative Conception) who, like me, opened their hearts and blessed a family with the most precious thing in the world…a baby.


May 2013

It feels like so long ago that I picked up the phone and called Creative Conceptions Inc. the first time. I was nervous, excited and really unsure what to expect. The voice on the other end was reassuring and kind. My questions were answered with confidence. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about surrogacy.

The process was explained to me at the first meeting. This was so helpful in making the final decision with my husband. We knew exactly what to expect.

Kelly is a master at matching couples with surrogates. I have been matched with two couples and felt connected immediately.

Surrogacy has always been a dream of mine. Creative Conception helped smooth the medical and financial stuff out so that could really experience the important stuff. I’m proud and honored to be a Creative Conception Surrogate.

Jillian R


July 2012

I am so thankful to Kellie and her team at Creative Conception for all their help throughout this incredible journey. From the first contact on I felt heard and cared for.

It has been a dream of mine to be a surrogate since I read an article when I was 18 years old. Unfortunately it is not possible in most European countries, so when we finally
received our green cards in 2009 to stay in the US, my old dream resurfaced.

My husband and teenage children were a huge help during the preparations and pregnancy. We worked with a couple for a year. After 4 attempts they decided to take a break.
Luckily we found another couple close by and were super excited to get the positive result after the first try!

The singleton pregnancy went smoothly and on March 17, 2012 we finally met the boy that had occupied all our thoughts for the past year.

I will always cherish this experience and can whole heartedly recommend it.

Thank you for making my dream come true!

Vera B.


Hi! My name is Ruthanna. I recently delivered a baby on the 13th of March. He was a 9lb. 12oz. boy! I gave birth to him for a couple that had tried for
12 years with no success. I was their only alternative. Kellie Snell had been working with them throughout most of their years of trying so she knew them very well.
She felt she needed to find the perfect person to match them, and that is where I came in. I met my couple over a great dinner and we talked for awhile. At first
sight of them, I knew I had found my match! I tried to give Kellie my answer before I left the restaurant but she asked me to think about it overnight. I already knew,
though, that they were the couple for me!

We went through IVF with great success. We were pregnant on the first try. Everyone was so excited! The dream that seemed so out of reach was now only 9 months away.
The reason I decided to do this great act of kindness was because of a movie I saw when I was 20 years old. The movie was about surrogacy. I guess it touched my heart in
so many ways. I decided that after I got married and had children of my own, I would help someone get their family. When I turned 24 years old, I did some research and it
lead me to Kellie Snell. She handled my case herself and I felt very special! In dealing with her associates, I found a group that were more like family instead of business
associates. They were always happy to hear from me; even if I called 3 or 4 times a day.

During this whole experience, I decided to do this again. I will meet my couple soon and I can’t wait to help make another wonderful dream come true! With Kellie and
Creative Conception, Inc. I’m sure I will!