GC Spotlight – Jennifer

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Why did you choose to be a Surrogate?

I chose to become a surrogate because I had seen so many woman close to me either struggle with fertility or never be able to carry children on their own and seeing them struggle was always hard for me.

Why did you choose Creative Conception, Inc?

I chose Creative Conception, Inc. because from the first call that I had with the agency, they made me feel and treated me like family.

Did your family support your choice to become a Surrogate?

My whole family was behind me and my decision to become a Surrogate. They supported me through both journeys.

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What has surprised you most about being a Surrogate?

There were a couple of surprises that I came across when I started the process. The first was that it is not a quick process and the next one was that there are a lot of steps that I had no idea about when I decided to be a Surrogate (all the doctors’ appointments and blood draws, the legal aspect of it all). Another surprise was that my own fertility has nothing to do with being a Surrogate.

What has been the highlight(s) of being a Surrogate?

The number one highlight is seeing the joy and pure happiness on the families’ faces when they saw their babies for the first time.

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How has your relationship been with your Intendeds or Intended Parent?

  • The Intended Parents I had on my first journey will send me updates on the holidays. I delivered twins for them and I always text them Happy Birthday on the twins’ birthday, but other than that, we are not really close.

  • In my second journey, my Intended Father and I have/had a much closer relationship. He has come to my hometown and we had a 4d ultrasound done and spent the next day just hanging by the pool having a BBQ. We enjoy staying in touch and I love getting pictures of his cute baby boy.

What advice would you give someone interested in becoming a Surrogate?

Make sure that you are able and willing to do the shots yourself and have back up plans for your back up plans. If you know you don’t like needles, have a couple of people that you know that will be there to help you do your daily injections. If you have a person who always babysits your children, make sure you have a backup just in case they are unavailable.

Would you become a Surrogate again?

I would love to do it again, but with this journey being my 4th C-Section I won’t be able to do it again.

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