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At Creative Conception, Inc., we are grateful for our Surrogates! With several members of our Team being experienced Surrogates, we understand and appreciate the sacrifice you are making to helping families achieve their dreams of having children. At CCI, you will have a dedicated Case Manager to guide you through every step of this life-changing journey. At CCI, you become family.

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Below, you will find both the requirements needed to be a Surrogate and a Step-by-Step explanation of what to expect from the application phase through delivery.

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The Requirements to be a Surrogate Include:

  • Must have given birth to at least one child.
  • Must be between the ages of 21-41.
  • Not receiving government assistance for self.
  • No serious medical problems during pregnancy or delivery with either you or your baby.
  • No deliveries before 35 weeks-unless delivered twins or more.
  • Your most recent delivery records will be reviewed.
  • You must undergo a psychological evaluation including a MMPI-2/PAI written test.
  • Medical testing will be required of both you and your husband/partner. Testing includes tobacco and drug screening and may include a procedure to visualize the uterus, such as hysteroscopy
  • A background check will be administered.

The Steps to Becoming a Surrogate with Creative Conception, Inc. include:

Ensure You Meet the Requirements to Become a Surrogate

Apply and Meet our Intake Coordinator

  • Fill out CCI’s Pre-Qualify Form
  • Phone call with CCI’s Intake Coordinator
  • Fill out Full Application
  • Zoom interview to go over steps/process/application

Match with Intended Parents

    • Based on your preferences, CCI’s team will find an IP who could be a great fit and send you their profile. The IP’s will also receive your profile.
    • If you both express interest in matching, CCI will email you each other’s contact information and guidelines for communication.
      • You and your surrogate will video chat and let us know if you are interested in moving forward.
      • If you both want to move forward, CCI sets up an in-person Match Meeting or a Zoom Matching Meeting with you and your surrogate to go over next steps.
      • If either you or the surrogate don’t feel that you are a fit, the match process starts over.

Medical Clearance

    • Once matched, you will travel to your Intended Parent’s clinic where the doctor will conduct a surrogacy assessment which includes
      • A blood work-up
      • An ultrasound
    • The doctor will also discuss the process in detail, including:
      • Medical instructions for the cycle
      • Instructions for how/when to administer medications
      • How the embryo transfer works
    • The doctor will answer any questions you may have to ensure you fully understand how the process works and that you feel comfortable with it. Once you are medically cleared, the legal process will begin.


  • You and your Intended Parents will have separate attorney
  • CCI helps you find an experienced lawyer in your state
  • Your Intended Parents pay for your attorney
  • The IP’s attorney will draft an agreement and send it to your lawyer to review with you
  • Once any negotiated changes are finalized and contract are signed, the
  • Embryo Transfer cycle can begin.

Embryo Transfer Cycle

  • You travel to your IP’s clinic for the transfer
  • Pregnancy test (BHCG) 10-12 days after transfer
  • When the BHCG is positive, you will repeat the test in 2-4 days to ensure that levels are going up
  • First vaginal ultrasound is 4 weeks from the date of transfer.
    • At this time, you and your IP’s can see the fetal heartbeat of the baby

Pregnancy and Beyond

  • You are released to your local OBGYN ~10 weeks after the transfer for local monitoring
  • Key milestone appointments include:
    • Ultrasound at 12-14 weeks
    • Anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks
    • Your Case Manager will be with you every step of the way
    • Review Birth Plan with CCI, IP’S, and GC
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  • Congratulations on blessing your IP’s with the gift of a lifetime.


  • If you and your IP’s have established that you’d like to stay in touch, your next chapter now
  • A new life-long friendship

Estrogen is the hormone we produce mainly in our ovaries. This medication works to thicken the lining of the uterus. There are three ways this hormone can be taken:

  • Oral tablets

  • Adhesive patch.
  • An Intramuscular injection in the outer hip area

This medication is taken for approximately 3-9 weeks. Side effects can include but are not limited to: weight gain and headaches.

Progesterone is a hormone we produce in our ovaries that is essential during pregnancy. This medication is used to support the pregnancy. There are four ways progesterone can be administered

  • An intramuscular injection in the outer hip area

  • Vaginal suppositories
  • Vaginal gel
  • Capsules taken orally

This medication is taken for approximately 2-9 weeks. Side effects can include but are not limited to: breast tenderness and mild uterine cramping.

The Transfer of Embryos to the Surrogate

The embryo transfer (ET) only takes approximately 5 minutes, but you will stay at the clinic for approximately 1 hour. What is involved in the transfer is a tiny catheter is placed into the uterus and the embryos are released. Approximately 3-5 days later the embryo(s) implant into the uterus. During this time you are placed on modified or complete bedrest for 1-3 days. The bedrest is normally in a hotel for complete relaxation. The success of the implantation involves the quality of the embryo and the receptivity and thickness of the uterine lining. The number of embryos to be transferred is decided with the Intended Parents, Surrogate and the doctor. Statistically, the transfer of one to three embryos of good quality gives the best possibility of pregnancy. There is still a risk of miscarriage and ectopic (tubal) pregnancy.

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