Egg Donation

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Egg Donation

CCI values and appreciates each of our egg donors for the life-changing gift they give to help other people build their families. We guide our egg donors every step of the way to ensure they have a meaningful and rewarding journey. CCI is always looking for qualified egg donors and can’t wait to meet you. The outline below will provide you with an overview of our process, qualifications for becoming an egg donor, and compensation.

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Our Process can be broken down into the following steps:

1. Application and Intake (3-4) weeks

  1. Fill out online application

  2. Phone interview if you meet qualifications: We take time to educate you on medical side of egg donation, help you with creating your profile and answering any questions you have.

  3. Get added to our database

2. Matching

  1. Intended Parents search through our database

  2. Once you are matched, you will have an in-person medical screening

3. Medical/Psychological Screening Process

  1. Psychological interview

  2. PAI (Personality Assessment Inventory)

  3. Genetic Evaluations (Genetic counseling and genetic testing)

  4. Medical Screening by the IVF Specialist including: vaginal ultrasound

  5. FDA Requirements for blood screening (may include spouse or partner)

4. Legal

  1. You and your Intended Parent(s) have separate attorneys

  2. Your Intended Parent(s) pay for your council

  3. Legal contracts must be signed before medications begin

5. The Medication Cycle (approximately 3 weeks)

  1. Once you are medically cleared, you begin the medication cycle

  2. You will be monitored at a local OBGYN’s office

6. Egg Retrieval

  • Your egg retrieval will take place at your Intended Parent's IVF Center where you had your in-person medical screening

Celebrate the Amazing, Life-Changing Gift you have given to others to make their dreams of parenthood come true.


Qualification to be an Egg Donor:

  • Must be genetically female between the ages of 20-29 years old

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28 (BMI calculator)

  • High School Diploma

  • A college education is highly desirable, but not mandatory

  • Non-smoker

  • No current use of drugs or excessive alcohol

  • Healthy personal and family medical history

  • No more than one occurrence of the same cancer in family history (except non-genetic cancers, such as leukemia and lung).

  • Understand the time commitment and dedication it takes to complete a cycle


  • CCI offers a competitive compensation
  • Details to be discussed in your phone interview
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